Terug naar de iPhone

Up until one year ago, I used to be an iPhone user.

Then, I switched to Android for one year.

In that period I tried three different phones: Redmi Note 3, Mi 5 and Redmi Pro, all manufactured by Xiaomi.

Last week I took the jump back to the iPhone, and it has been a delight.

I love the design of the iPhone 7 in the (matte) black color. This is the best looking iPhone yet, surpassing the iPhone 5.

The screen is jaw-dropping. Colors are more vivid and pop. The curved edges are great. Android phones have dedicated back buttons while the iPhone uses the swipe gesture. I was worried about losing this button, but the swipe gesture is great in combination with the curved edges.

The taptic engine is not only great at creating the button-press feeling in the ‘fake’ home button. It is also a great way of giving feedback when scrolling through a list in a form, or when zooming a picture to 100% again.

I see the removal of the headphone port as progress towards the future. The only problem I had was when I just bought the phone on the airport and went on my flight. I could not use the iPhone’s included earphones in the plane’s entertainment system as they have a lightning port.

Live photos are amazing. I did not take a lot of pictures yet, but seeing just before and after is great already and much more immersive.

iOS apps are so much better than Android apps. They are much faster, better designed and work flawlessly together. Especially after switching to iCloud for cloud storage.

The only thing I have been a little disappointed with is the fingerprint sensor. It is not as reliable as the ones on Xiaomi devices.

[warning]Dit bericht schreef ik toen ik nog in het Engels blogde. Binnenkort zal ik het vertalen. Beloofd.[/warning]