Ideeën over Lyft Amp

My thoughts on Lyft Amp in TheInformation’s Slack channel:

I feel this is worth pursuing by Lyft. Especially in the dark it can be a hassle to find your Uber/Lyft after for example a party. Some drivers come up with a solution themselves:

It might even put Lyft in the hardware business. Camera’s facing the road are quite common, but a camera facing the driver and passengers can improve safety for both.

Which reminds me of the following article by Backchannel, arguing that competitors challenging Uber should focus on drivers, not passengers.

Also, if Lyft in the future adds traffic-facing sensors, it is a nice opportunity to gather data for self-driving cars purposes. As argued by Ben Thompson, mapping is one of the mayor challenges for self-driving cars. These sensors can gather data without expensive permits: the driver is still driving, Lyft is just gathering data while doing so.

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