The joy of creating

One of my favorite memories of grammar school was being able to always create things. By this I mean the usual like drawing or folding paper-planes, but I was also constructing things using wood or clay. I would make things I needed myself, like a pen-holder for my desk.

A few days ago I noticed sharing links between devices is a hassle. I misuse Instapaper, or email or iMessage myself if I want to take a look at a page later on another device. Instead of using a third party app —I was thinking of Pastebot but it hasn’t optimized for the 4" iPhone 5 screen yet— I created one myself. I’m really happy with the result, and think creating for your own use is a really good process.

I called the webapp Synced

First of all, you’ll create something you’re proud of. When I told a friend about my little project, he showed me his way of sending pages to different devices using URL schemes, which he was quite happy with. He even made a video showing it.

Also a great result of not using what’s available but creating yourself is learning. I’m definetely not a developer, but I think it’s important to be able to talk and understand other developers. Therefore I sometimes code my own little projects like this one to see for myself what problems developers might face. For Synced I quickly found out I needed a database. I know how to use databases, but had never actually set up one myself. Now I have some experiences creating databases and can be of use when a dev I work with needs a little help.

Probably the biggest advantage of crafting things for your own needs is that it will fit your needs. Other developers might cut some features you would like to have out to save time, or they just haven’t thought about those features. Creating your own solution will make sure it fits your needs perfectly.