Launch Center Pro en mijn favoriete acties

I have now been actively using Launch Center Pro for a week, and I am really enjoying it. Before using LCP, I was using URL schemes in the iPhone Notes app, which was fine to learn the basics, but after this I was ready for some real work in LCP. I actually feel like becoming a little Federico Viticci on URL schemes. </indsiderjoke>

URL schemes are already powerful themselves, but LCP supercharges them. LCP allows you for instance to enter custom text using a keyboard every time you use an action, instead of changing the code every time. It also features URL schemes for the clipboard and x-callback-url support. In other ways: this app is really, really powerful.

Rather then telling you how awesome it is, I’d like to share you my favorite actions to show what LCP really can handle. If you have LCP installed you can use the install link to install actions and try them yourself.

New tumblr post

This action asks for a title, some text and then launches the Tumblr app, allowing you to save the post. I use this action mostly to save sudden ideas, and then change and shape these drafts later to blogposts. Install

Change accounts and open search in Tweetbot

Some of you probably know I do the Twitter webcare for the mobile operator I helped founding. We’ve made custom software for this, but nothing beats Tweetbot. Most questions come in via push notification, but I often run this action to search for questions that didn’t come in through push. It switches my personal account to the one of the webcare, and then opens the search. Install


This is the action I’m most proud of, I guess. I save everything money-related in Clear. This action lets me input the date, amount, a description and a person and then saves this as a task on the bottom of a Clear list. Install

Translate a word using Van Dale

I don’t trust Google Translate, so I use van Dale. Van Dale is a Dutch dictionary maker, and they also have an online service. This action opens the keyboard to type in the word I want to translate and then lets you select the language it has to be translated too. It then opens Safari showing the result. Install

[warning]Dit bericht schreef ik toen ik nog in het Engels blogde.[/warning]