2013: jaar in review

Just like last year, I’ll be ending this year with a list of in my opinion the best things of 2013. This has been an on-going habit of mine, but I always lost these lists. Last year I started publishing it on my blog, so you can read the one of 2012 here. I changed the structure a little bit, but most things are the same.


Artist Bastille
Album Racine Carrée – Stromae
Song Contact – Daft Punk

Music is really important to me. Hardly a day goes by without listening to music. I found the new album by Stromae to be the best one this year. Contact by Daft Punk is my favorite song because it’s telling a story using music.

But most importantly, my favorite artist is Bastille. After their hit Pompeii I checked out their other songs and I’m a really big fan now. When a run doesn’t go as well as I want I change to my Bastille playlist, which motivates me to keep going.

TV and movies

Movie The Internship
Documentary Indie game the movie
Serie White Collar
Program Tegenlicht

This has been a hard section this year. Last year it was clear to me, Intouchables was the best movie I have ever seen and it’s still one of my favorites. This year I watched less movies so I’m still looking forward to see movies like Captain Phillips and The Great Gatsby, which puts me in a position where choosing a favorite movie is hard, but I’ll probably pick The Internship of the ones I have seen so far.

Tegenlicht is a Dutch TV-program, which usually airs every week. Each episode is a documentary on it’s own. Some episodes I really enjoyed are The Wallstreet Code, ’Mensen van nu’ (people from now) and ’Uw persoonlijke data zijn goud waard’ (your personal data is worth millions).


Company Apple
Startup Squarespace
Development Quantified Self

This year, I discovered Apple again. iOS 7 on my iPhone 5 is amazing, and URL schemes completes the OS. The Apple TV, which I bought this year is one amazing piece of technology, and with innovations like the fan in the Mac Pro, the company is on top of their game again.

2013 is also the year I bought a Fitbit Flex. I didn’t know what to expect of it, but I really felt in love with quantified self. I really like discovering relationships like how sleep influences my running. Expect a review of the Fitbit Flex soon.

After long debating I have decided my favorite startup this year is Squarespace. Remarkably enough I am not a customer of them, but I dig their culture. Design is everything for them, and they support almost all my favorite podcasts.


iPhone app Launch Center Pro & VSCOcam
iPad app Instapaper
Mac app Keynote ‘09

I’m an avid reader on my iPad. I actually was part of the top 1% readers on Pocket, but a few months ago I switched to Instapaper, which has been phenomenal so far. My favourite iPhone apps are Launch Center Pro and VSCOcam, I just can’t decide. My favourite Mac app is Keynote. I still use iLife ’09, and not only use Keynote for presentations, but also for brainstorming and mock-ups.


Community Hackernews
Social network Twitter

This year I discovered Hackernews. Although being a bit technical often, I like the posts on there about business, design and startups.

In 2012 my favorite social network was Path, which I hardly use anymore because none of my friends uses it anymore. Since I started to use a Second Timeline on Twitter I found the fun of it again, which is why it’s my favorite social network.


Blog Shawnblanc.net
News website De Correspondent
Magazine Offscreen

My favorite blog is Shawnblanc.net. Shawn and I share a lot of interests, and I save almost every article he writes in my Instapaper reading list.

Last year I expected to hear more from paywalls in 2013. And I was right. This year decorrespondent.nl launched, a Dutch alternative to newspapers, and I have to say they are doing a magnificent job. Here’s  a great article in English about De Correspondent by their publisher.

While in Berlin I bought a magazine called Offscreen in a little shop. I like Offscreen a lot. It’s design and photography is very high quality and the magazine feels really good (due to the nice paper). But most importantly the writing is so good. If there is one thing I recommend buying it’s an issue of Offscreen.

I wanted to add the unofficial biography of Jony Ive by Leander Kahney on this list, but I didn’t include since I haven’t finished it yet.


Last year I was right about my prediction of the rise of paywalls, but I was totally wrong expecting Bluetooth to disappear. I actually use bluetooth more then ever because of my Fitbit.

I predict podcasts becoming more mainstream in 2014, and hope Facebook will disappear. I don’t know why, but besides the movie about it I never liked it.

So, that was my 2013 year in review. I really look forward writing next years’ post and seeing what I will dig next year. For now, all I wish you is a fantastic 2014.

[warning]Dit bericht schreef ik toen ik nog in het Engels blogde.[/warning]