We leven niet in een wereld met één timeline

A few weeks ago, I realized my Twitter timeline was a mess. I followed friends, industry leaders, family and colleagues. Subjects changed every tweet throughout my timeline.

As I decided to do something about it, I tried to group the people I follow. In the end I came to a very simple and distinct split: people I know closely (family and friends) and people I follow because of my industry and work.


Then I created a Twitter list, called Second Timeline. This kind of solved my problem, although it has a few disadvantages, some people might for instance think I’m not following them, when I am infact following them, be it via a list.

The fact that I had to create a second timeline shows a mayor design flaw in the concept of social networks: we’re part of more then one circle, not just one.

This is not only annoying, I think it also is a big factor in one of the biggest problems with social networks, information overload. If one person tweets about Apple and the next one about soccer and these abrubt changes of subjects goes on and on, I quickly get tired. The only one really doing this right is, funny enough, Google+.

[warning]Dit bericht schreef ik toen ik nog in het Engels blogde.[/warning]